Installation and Customization

Color ProTech on helmets

We customize ProTech covers for the most popular helmets offered by Riddell and Schutt, the leading football helmet manufacturers.


Streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, ProTech’s contoured helmet-conforming shape sets it apart from other “add-on” head defense technologies. In fact, ProTech is so seamlessly integrated into existing uniforms that the National Football High School Federation permitted the product for both practice and game day use.

Decal Compatible in 80 Colors

ProTech color samples

Beyond its seamless shape, ProTech is available in 80 standard colors and accepts custom decals to accommodate your team’s unique branding.

Not your team’s colors? No problem. Custom ProTech colors and decals are available upon request.

Simple to Use

ProTech was specifically designed for ease of use. Compatible with most major Riddell and Schutt helmets, ProTech requires no additional hardware. Simply place the cover onto your existing helmet, secure using ProTech’s fasteners and your helmet’s natural snaps, and you’re ready to play safer.

Built for Play

ProTech is made to play. In addition to its proven effectiveness in reducing the likelihood of head injury due to blunt force impact, the cover is durable and easy-to-clean. Its antimicrobial qualities make it resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. Also, the cover was created for all weather conditions—resistant to heat, cold, and water.

One-Year Warranty

Every ProTech purchase comes with a full one year warranty that covers both material defects and defects in workmanship.