Research and testing indicate ProTechs reduced the number and intensity of impacts.

SAFR Sports is dedicated to validating the effectiveness of our products through sound scientific study. In rigorous, independent laboratory and on-field testing the Protech shell demonstrated the capability to significantly reduce impact accelerations and neck stress.

Shifting the focus of research

Recent research tell us that practices are more dangerous than Games. According to a January 2020 report published in JAMA Neurology, 72% of the concussions reviewed over five college football seasons happened during practice. Researchers asserted that revisions to training activities before and during the season could lead to a substantial reduction in concussions.

There is a rising concern over repetitive head (sub-concussive) impacts and resulting pathophysiological changes in players of contact/collision sports, football in particular.

The focus has been on:

  • Identification and Diagnosis
  • Treatment, Rehab, Care
  • Rules, Technique

The focus has not been on:

  • PREVENTION… specifically in regard to accumulated and repetitive sub-concussive impacts

We believe that data indicates a link between the degree of repetitive sub-concussive impacts and resulting pathophysiological changes in the brains of collision-sport athletes.