Teams using SAFR helmet shells are safer on the field.

Colleges, High Schools, and youth football programs across the country are using ProTech to protect their student athletes. Nearly 10,000 ProTechs are worn at 20+ NCAA football programs, 50+ High Schools, and 250+ youth football teams.

What our teams are saying about SAFR Sports…

ProTech makes football safer. We look forward to instituting a comprehensive partnership with SAFR Sports and their technology, ProTech, in the coming years. As partners, we will stand for improving player safety for our great sport of football.” – Gary Cathell, Executive Director of Pennsylvania High School Coaches Association

“We are always looking for ways to make our student athletes safer… This is the next step… It’s a small investment, but we think it will be a big return.” – Ray Priore, Head Coach, University of Pennsylvania 

“I highly recommend ProTech! It definitely makes a difference with our kids: no concussions. ProTech gives us confidence when we step on the field. Hopefully some of the other programs will get on board with it, because if both teams are using ProTech it’s going to increase the safety level.” – Joe Cunningham, Football Director, Calvary AA, Philadelphia, PA

“We’ve made a commitment to keep our players as safe as possible. Once our coaching and medical staff read the support and research behind ProTech, we knew we would be able to fulfill that commitment by providing these helmet covers to our players.” – Steve Devlin, Former Head Coach Archbishop Wood, Philadelphia, PA

“Your helmet covers performed as advertised. Fitting the covers to our Riddell helmets went smoothly and they were a perfect match.  Your product proved to be very durable with no issues once affixed to the helmet. We are happy to report that Oak Park / River Forest Youth Football had zero head trauma issues this year, no concussions. – Dan Reinhardt, President – Oak Park River Forest Youth Football, Oak Park, IL

“We are always looking for ways to improve the student-athlete experience. ProTech has helped us do that by providing a safer environment for our student athletes in the sport of football, which is important because that improves their experience not only on the gridiron but also in the classroom.”  – Nate Pine, Athletic Director, College of Holy Cross 

“We love the product. Any product that will make our players safer is worth using. We really feel that ProTech has negated some of the impact of hits and that the number of head injuries on our team has decreased since we began wearing these helmet covers.” – John Holecek, Former NFL Linebacker and Head Coach, Loyola Academy, Chicago, IL