SAFR ProTech

For a fraction of the cost of a football helmet, you can add a SAFR ProTech helmet cover to provide significantly improved protection from head injury.

The SAFR ProTech helmet cover attaches to most football helmets, including the latest Riddell and Schutt products. It is made from polyurethane foam that absorbs and dissipates the energy caused by hits. It acts much like an airbag, delaying the timing of the impact. It is streamlined, can be customized to your team colors and worn in games.

  • Adding a SAFR ProTech helmet cover to a 5-Star helmet improves concussion protection by as much as 77%.*
  • Wearing a SAFR ProTech adds more protection, particularly to both the back and side of the head — two of the most common locations for head injury.
  • SAFR ProTech becomes even more important for the harder hits, where concussive impacts were reduced by up to 72%.**

SAFR ProTech Features

  • Soft outer shell that absorbs impact and dissipates impact forces.
  • Dynamic attachment system allows the cover to move over the helmet to guide force away from the head.
  • Unlike other helmet covers, made only for practice, the SAFR ProTech is permitted by the National Federation of State High Schools Association (NFHS) to be worn in practice and games.
  • Attaches to new and existing helmets, and can be customized to your team colors and logo.

How the SAFR Protech protects the head from injuries

  • It absorbs impact and dissipates linear impact forces significantly.
  • It delays the timing of impact, reducing the speed of a hit, and lessens the impact endured by a player’s head.
  • Lab testing and on-field research indicate that they are highly effective.

* 2022 Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab study | ** 3-year Pennsylvania university study


No helmet, helmet accessory or the ProTech can prevent all head or neck injuries to a player. Do not use the ProTech to spear an opposing player. This violates football rules and can result in severe head or neck injuries, paralysis or death to you and your opponent. Immediately report any dizziness, headaches, blurred vision or nausea to your coach, trainer, medical professional and parent. Do not return to play until you gain medical clearance from a qualified medical professional. Ignoring these warnings can result in more serious brain injury and could lead to lifetime impairment. The results of certain independent scientific test indicate that the ProTech, when properly installed, worn and used as intended and in accordance with product instructions, had the potential to reduce the likelihood of head trauma to the wearing player. Football, however, is a contact sport and no device, including ProTech, can completely eliminate the risk of concussion or other head or neck injuries. By using and wearing a ProTech, the player is assuming all the risks of injury inherent with playing football. Ignoring this warning may lead to another more serious or fatal brain injury. We are not liable for any injury that may happen during the use of the ProTech which must be used along with a properly fit and maintained football helmet. The ProTech is not intended for any other use other than with a fit and maintained football helmet and is not intended to be used when riding a bicycle, motorcycle or in any other activity.