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Virginia Tech Helmet Lab Study

Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab tested the concussion risk of three of the most popular 5-STAR football helmets on the market, both with and without the SAFR Helmet Cover. More than 320 tests were conducted over three days, and test results.

Adding a SAFR Helmet Cover significantly lowers the risk of concussions

  • Combining a SAFR Helmet Covers with the 5-STAR helmets lowered the risk of concussion by as much as 77% when compared to the helmet scores without a SAFR Helmet Cover.
  • The VA Tech data proves that wearing a SAFR Helmet Cover adds more protection, particularly to both the back and side of the head — two of the most common locations for head injury.
  • For the harder hits — VA Tech results are consistent with data from an independent three-year on-field study at a major Pennsylvania university, where concussive impacts were reduced by up to 72%.

VA Tech Helmet Lab Rating System

VA Tech’s rating system measures risk exposure (the number of times an impact will be seen each season) with the risk of concussion through both linear and rotational analysis. Calculations from impacts at multiple velocities at different locations of the head create a STAR risk score — the lower the score, the higher the helmet rating: 5-STAR helmets have a risk score of under 10.

For example, the 5-STAR helmets tested had an average risk score of 4.34. By combining a SAFR Helmet Cover, their average STAR score was lowered to 1.64. Additionally, results were even more impressive when measuring impacts to the back of the helmet — combining a SAFR Helmet Cover reduced the risk of concussion by as much as 80%.

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