Virginia Tech teammates wear SAFR Helmet Covers in game 

Two starting offensive linemen who play for Virginia Tech are wearing SAFR Helmet Covers on game day, starting with their September 30th win against Pittsburgh. SAFR’s product is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of concussion, and the Hokies have been wearing helmet covers during team practices this year.  

Co-captain Kaden Moore, a red-shirt junior who plays center, and Parker Clements, a red-shirt junior playing offensive tackle, made the decision to keep the helmet covers on for game play after getting approval from Head Coach Brent Pry and Head Athletic Trainer Brett Griesemer. 

According to Griesemer, “We saw the safety potential of wearing SAFR Helmet Covers from a practical standpoint, and with the support of our coaching staff and administration, we were able to get all of our student athletes equipped quickly to give everyone — the player, their parents, the coaching staff, and our school — greater peace of mind.”  

It’s been proven that football linemen are subject to more repetitive blows to their head, especially during games. 

Moore was quick to acknowledge Virginia Tech’s commitment to player safety, saying “It’s great to play for a school that wants the best for its student athletes as much as wanting to field the best team possible. I’m proud to be a Hokie, and it’s great to know I’m playing this great game more safely.” 

Clements added, “I don’t even notice I’m wearing the helmet cover during practice, so it just makes sense to keep it on for games.“ 

SAFR Helmet Covers can be attached to any new or existing helmets and are scientifically proven to reduce the risk of concussion by as much as 77%.  

Recent data from a three-year independent study at a major university in Pennsylvania showed the effectiveness of wearing SAFR Helmet Covers, and the results have been published in scientific journals, including the Journal of Concussion.  

This testing was validated last year at Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab, where researchers concluded that adding a SAFR Helmet Cover to 5-Star helmets showed a significant reduction in concussion risk.

“At SAFR, we are continually pursuing new ways to improve sports safety through science, and we credit Kaden and Parker for taking this important step to protect their health,” said SAFR Sports CEO John Zeglinski. “We are thrilled to have an NIL agreement with these two outstanding student athletes.”

About SAFR Sports

SAFR Sports is staffed by former football players and professionals, all who share the singular mission of making football and all contact sports safer through science. SAFR Helmet Covers, worn by nearly 300 college teams, high schools, and youth football leagues, has been proven to reduce impact accelerations that reduce the adverse effects of repeated sub-concussive blows. Other important advantages of the SAFR Helmet Cover include being permitted for game-play by the National Federation of High Schools. In addition, the SAFR Helmet Cover is custom-manufactured to model and size, and will match the color and finish of existing helmets.