SAFR Heroes

Who are SAFR Heroes?

SAFR Heroes come from all walks of life, current and former NFL players, parents, fans, businesses, foundations… any individual or group that wants to provide safety for football players and preserve to future of the sport.

Who are SAFR Heroes
Heroes are Pro football players, super fans, parents, and organizations who want to protect young athletes.

Our Heroes

Thank you to our SAFR Heroes for promoting safety and protecting the health and well-being of the young athletes from their alma matter or school of choice.

NFL Players

  • Zach Ertz, Tight End, Philadelphia Eagles 2013-2021, Arizona Cardinals 2021- | Kensington High School, PA
  • Carlos Bradley, Linebacker, San Diego Chargers 1981-1985, Philadelphia Eagles 1987 | Mastery Charter School
  • Mark Roopenian, Nose Tackle, Buffalo Bills 1982-83 | Watertown High School, Massachusetts


Emerald Foundation
  • The Emerald Foundation | Lancaster Catholic, PA

Individual Heroes

Hero Dharmesh Shah
SAFR Heroes, Dharmesh and Neha Shah and family
  • Doug Guyer | Archbishop Carroll, PA
  • Ted Gaffney | DePaul Catholic, NJ
  • Dharmesh Shah | River Hill High School, MD
  • Rick Thompson | Scranton Prep, PA