Eyeguide Test Germantown Academy

SAFR Sports partners with Eyeguide for fast brain health screenings

Chester Springs, PA, October 15, 2021 – SAFR Sports, a safety innovation company, is proud to announce an innovative partnership with EyeGuide for data collection of brain health for student-athletes at two Philadelphia-area high schools, Germantown Academy and The Haverford School. 

EyeGuide’s ‘FOCUS’ screening is a portable eye tracking platform that takes only ten seconds to capture and analyze brain health data. Football players at each school are participating weekly for eight weeks, and the data collected may allow for recognition of any variations in brain health. Additionally, EyeGuide’s reporting will also allow doctors, parents, and patients access to important brain health data.

“At SAFR, we are continually pursuing new ways to improve sports safety through science, and our partnership with EyeGuide perfectly fits our mission to make contact sports safer,” said Tim Bream, SAFR’s Medical Director. “We are thrilled to work with SAFR on this first of its kind effort to measure brain health, and we look forward to making this new technology available to SAFR customers who are committed to player safety,” added EyeGuide CEO Shane Keating.

“The Haverford School prides itself on the health and well-being of all students. Our football team has worn SAFR ProTech helmet covers for years, and we believe this new technology takes safety to the next level,” said Bill Wardle, The Haverford School’s Athletic Trainer. 

Joshua Cramer, Germantown’s Athletic Trainer, added, “Our mission is to prepare our boys for the future, and protecting their health is part of that mission. When SAFR and EyeGuide approached us, it was a no-brainer to be a part of this pilot program.” 

Photo caption: A student-athlete at The Haverford School participates in the 10-second brain health screening, part of the SAFR Sports and EyeGuide initiative to help make contact sports safer.

About SAFR Sports

SAFR Sports is staffed by former football players and professionals, all who share the singular mission of making football and all contact sports safer through science. ProTechs are worn by nearly 300 college teams, high schools, and youth football leagues. Furthermore, SAFR is committed to improving the ProTech technology, and has begun a partnership with EyeGuide, Inc. to perform on-field ocular motor function testing with high school football teams in Philadelphia. This joint venture will measure force impact on the field and in real-time. SAFR will also continue investing in research focused on protecting youth and adolescent players.

Other important advantages of the ProTech include being approved for game-play by the National Federation of High Schools.  In addition, the ProTech is custom-manufactured to model and size, and will match the color and finish of existing helmets. For a complete description of the ProTech and SAFR Sports, please visit safrsports.com.


John McClung, Marketing Director
SAFR Sports